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Child Custody and Visitation

Fighting for Your Kids, Fighting for Your Parental Rights, Fighting for You

Whether you are going through a divorce, or there has been a dispute over your current child custody or visitation arrangements, you need to have an attorney who can protect your rights. When parents get a divorce or break up, it almost always impacts the children more than the adults. While it is true that not all marriages can last, all parents should work hard to put the best interests of their kids first. This almost always means fighting for a child custody and visitation arrangement that allows the children to see and bond with both parents. Of course, if there is abuse or neglect involved, this does not apply.

Physical vs. Legal Custody and Visitation

Child custody involves two key issues: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is an articulation of the timeshare between the parents, as well as an assignment of the primary residence for the child in some cases. Legal custody grants the parent or parents the right to make decisions about the child's health, safety, education, and welfare. Visitation, oftentimes called, “timeshare,” or “parenting time,” is the actual time the child spends with each parent, and the manner in which that time is spent. Visitation can be supervised, unsupervised, severely limited, or open-ended, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Passionate Advocate for Your Children

When parents are getting a divorce or going through a legal battle, emotions can run hot, making it difficult to make the right decisions. Attorney Madan Ahluwalia has spent years helping families through these situations, and today works exclusively with people who are able to put their children's needs first.

While this does mean encouraging a positive relationship with your ex or soon-to-be ex, it also means protecting your own custody and visitation rights. There are always many factors involved, but with the right legal help, it is possible to come to a fair and just arrangement that meets the needs of both parents, and most importantly, the children. We can help you through a wide range of issues including things like:

  • Stopping a spouse who is attempting to alienate the children from you
  • Encouraging both parents contribute to the emotional well-being of the children
  • Defending against false accusations of unfit parenting
  • Establishing reasonable parenting schedules
  • Fighting to enforce custody and visitation court orders
  • Creating visitation arrangements that work well with work schedules of both parents
  • Much More

We know that there are an endless number of issues people face when it comes to child custody and visitation cases. No matter what you're going through, attorney Madan Ahluwalia is here to help with his extensive experience and ability to facilitate solutions that satisfy everyone involved.

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