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Providing Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs

When facing a legal issue, most people don't have the financial resources to simply hire a large team of attorneys to swoop in and 3 every little thing like happens on the television shows. Just because you may not be a billionaire, however, doesn't mean that you don't deserve the best possible legal representation. To help balance price with quality of service, we offer three main options to choose from for our legal services:

Full Service

If you are going through a divorce, and you want us to handle every aspect of your case, our full service legal representation is for you. We will meet with you to discuss your specific goals for the case, and then we will take it from there. Of course, we'll work to fully understand our unique needs and goals, and we will keep you in the loop throughout the process. We represent you -from start to finish- on all issues. We will always be standing by should you have any questions or concerns at any point. As far as handling the actual work of the case, however, that will fall entirely on our shoulders.

Limited Scope

Do you need a skilled attorney, but are also on a budget? If so, our limited scope legal services are an excellent solution. With these services we will work closely with you throughout the case. We will handle the complex legal matters, but will have you take care of any of the work that you are able to do.

Limited scope representation is a very flexible arrangement. You decide how much work you want to do on your case. Full legal representation can be very expensive and, in reality, if you have the time, energy, and dedication, there is a lot that you can do for yourself with a little guidance and the support of qualified San Jose family attorney. We will be here to advise you or step in on any aspect of your case about which you are unsure.


Our unbundled legal services are perfect for people who are looking for a little help or guidance with specific part of a case or a hearing, or just need advice on a specific issues which they are dealing with. This is a straight hourly service, and depending on what you need, may be the most affordable way to get answers to your legal questions.


Madan's practice is primarily focused on helping people with family law cases who are looking to avoid drawn out and highly contentious court battles. While Madan is able to effectively argue cases in court, he has found that using alternative dispute resolution methods is much more effective in most situations, and his extensive experience in this area can help give you the best possible chance at getting the results you're looking for in a fraction of the time (and cost) that it would take going through litigation. He fervently believes that any time you can settle out of court voluntarily, you should. If you refuse to find acceptable common ground, a stranger in a black robe will order a resolution, and you might not be happy with either the decision or the money you spent to achieve that outcome. It is almost always in your best interests to set emotion aside, take control of your own case, and actually give yourself a say in your future.

Consultation Policy

As a well-established attorney, Madan understands the importance of having a good attorney-client relationship. With this in mind, he offers new clients to the firm a complimentary consultation to see if there is a good fit between the firm and the client. Madan is focused on helping clients who are looking to use alternative dispute resolution techniques rather than jumping right to litigation as a first resort. Getting to know each client before taking them on is a great way to avoid conflict and problems down the road.

For those who are already in the middle of an ongoing litigation case, there is no free consultation available. Madan will be happy to meet with them to discuss their case and see if he would be a good fit to take it over. For those who just need their file reviewed one time or on an as-needed basis, the consultation fee is at hourly rate of $295/hr.

We would love to meet you and get to know more about you and your case, so please do not hesitate to contact Madan today to schedule a consultation and discuss which of our services would be right for your unique situation.

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