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What are the Different Types of California Divorce?

Posted by Ahluwalia Law Professional Corporation | Sep 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

There are many different types of divorce that you can get in California. Each situation is unique and the appropriate type of divorce depends on the couple, family, timing, and any assets. However, every type of divorce should have an attorney present, as hiring a lawyer can help the couple investigate all their options and be sure that all appropriate mediation and paperwork has been processed.

Getting in touch with our San Jose divorce attorney, Madan Ahluwalia of Ahluwalia Law P.C., is your best option when you are investigating the best type of divorce for your situation, as he can provide advice on your options.

Uncontested Divorce

When a couple has reached a mutual agreement on all aspects of their divorce, then they can typically get an uncontested divorce. Having a San Jose family law lawyer involved in an uncontested divorce can ensure that all possibilities are taken into consideration, not just custody or division of assets. There may be some rights that you may be entitled to, such as alternative sources of income that may not come up in typical uncontested divorce paperwork.

No-Fault Divorce

Many states require a spouse to identify the cause of divorce, such as adultery, but California allows for no-fault divorce. In this type of divorce, either person can opt out of their marriage without any cause. It is assumed that the cause of the divorce is irreconcilable differences. However, no-fault divorces often still involve much to work through, such as custody, so consulting a San Jose divorce lawyer is still a good idea.

Simplified Divorce

If you have been married for less than five years, and did not have any children or property or debt, you may be eligible for a simplified divorce. Having a divorce attorney with you will ensure that you have all appropriate requirements in place.

Limited Divorce

In a limited divorce, similar to a legal separation, the couple still maintains their marital status as they work out custody, alimony, and asset division issues. They cannot live together or engage in sexual acts with each other or outsiders.

San Jose Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering getting a divorce, getting in touch with a San Jose family law attorney can be very helpful. Please call Madan Ahluwalia of Ahluwalia Law P.C. at 866-666-4647 or contact us online with any questions you may have.

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