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Madan Ahluwalia

Introducing Attorney Madan Ahluwalia—An Experienced and Culturally Sensitive Family Law Attorney

When searching for a lawyer, there are important qualities to look for such as expertise, relatability, cultural awareness, and compassion towards understanding your cause and protecting your interests. Madan Ahluwalia embodies all of these characteristics and more, making him an excellent choice for those seeking legal advice on family law matters.

Education and Experience Madan has spent over two decades in a successful legal career after earning law degrees from both the United States and India. He graduated from the San Francisco Law School and passed the California Bar Exam in 1994. Since then, Madan has worked tirelessly as a private practice attorney to help families navigate complex legal challenges.

Madan also believes in contributing to the legal system in any way he can.

Philosophy Madan will work closely with you to find the best solution for achieving favorable results in cases such as divorce, custody battles, or other legal disputes. Even in highly contentious divorces, his experience with mediation and other strategies can help deescalate the situation and negotiate reasonable compromises. Madan's legal practice is always centered on his clients' needs.

Madan is a strong advocate for using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation, to reach the most positive outcome possible in family-related disputes. He has extensive mediation experience and encourages all of his clients to pursue ADR.

Cultural Sensitivity Madan is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu, with working knowledge of Indian law. He understands the unique issues involved in a divorce in India and can effectively communicate the differences and similarities to clients in the US. Though he is not licensed to practice in India, Madan's cultural sensitivity and diversity make him uniquely qualified to provide guidance on family law issues.

Contact Madan Ahluwalia Today Madan recognizes the personal and sensitive nature of family law issues and the impact they can have on your life. He offers extensive experience, cultural understanding, and a commitment to protecting your interests. Contact his law firm, Ahluwalia Law, P.C., today to schedule a consultation and determine if Madan is the right attorney for your legal needs.


  • Meghana Recommends Madan Ahluwalia

    We pushed hard for spousal support and attorney fees and got a good deal. We pushed hard on date of separation which was big item and used to negotiate good settlement. We had a fair balance of discovery, settlement and attorney fees (which were reasonable and he paid for most of it). Madan Ahluw...
  • Billy B., Director of Training / National Account Executive, Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC.

    Madan Ahluwalia is an outstanding attorney, whose professionalism and knowledge base in Foreclosure Defense, is unparalleled in this industry. I've had the pleasure of working with Madan on a couple of his cases and his attention to detail and tenacity in getting his clients taken care of is what...
  • Harrit B.

    Madan Ahluwalia is our family attorney. I have consulted him for family, business and real estate related issues on more than one occasion for advise. He has always given practical advise. He has guided me step through step through the legalities of starting a small business. He has helped throug...
  • Suresh S. Recommends Madan Ahluwalia

    Madan is reliable, professional and extremely knowledgeable and knows his work very well relating to immigration law and provides guidance just like a best friend. He makes his clients feel comfortable and really cool guy to work with. Thanks to Madan for doing community service on air 1170AM eve...
  • Dola D., Student, Santa Clara University School of Law.

    I have known Madan for two years. He is a thorough professional with a deep understanding of his audience and its requirements. As an attorney he is very knowledgeable, accessible and prompt in his response. As a peer, he is very helpful and kind and goes out of his way to encourage others. He is...
  • Naveed Akbar. Recommends Madan Ahluwalia

    I would highly recommend Madan's services for people who are deciding on an attorney for legal services. He is a very great professional and I have found him to be a very good listener and brings great attention to the case details. I had meager hopes, if any, from a disastrous auto accident wher...
  • Ash Kalra, Councilmember, City of San Jose.

    I have worked with Madan in doing volunteer work with the community and have also had the opportunity to get to know him over the past couple of years. He has always appeared to me to be a sharp, honest man who cares about the community. All of those qualities make for a great lawyer.
  • Alok Bhanot. Recommends Madan Ahluwalia

    I have known Madan for several years. He is a very competent attorney and has handled several business issues of varying levels of legal complexity. He has been very effective in matters of corporate law as well as personal immigration issues. He is very personable, easy to work with and responsi...
  • Brian Bartholomeusz, VP, Applied Quantum Technology.

    Madan has provided our company with timely legal advice on immigration related matters. He is refreshingly candid and has the ability to present facts & guidance in a clear concise fashion. I gladly recommend him.
  • Rommel Hindocha.

    I've sought the professional advice of Madan on several occasions. Initially, I had Madan help me with Immigration matters for which he was extremely knowledgeable and the advice he had given me was crucial. I received a favorable decision by INS on my application and I credit Madan for his hard ...
  • Adi R. Recommends Madan Ahluwalia

    Raja is an immigration lawyer who is empathetic to people needs. He advises and navigates his clients through immigration related hurdles and complexities with consummate ease and compassion. He is extremely candid about the way forward and does the best each time because to him each individual's...
  • Raj Sahu.

    Madan has exceptional knowledge on H1 Visa and Green cards processing. I would vote him as the best lawyer in valley with whom I have worked with in past and would like to avail his services in future if needed to.
  • Arvind Jain, President, Sesame Capital, Inc.

    I was looking for a competent attorney to handle a sensitive and an urgent business issue with one of our client – one that required someone to mitigate the crisis without making it any more worse. The matter was legally complex; mired with conflicts, contract duress, positions, and emotions of a...
  • Mukesh A., Owner, Law Offices of Mukesh Advani.

    I am an attorney in the Bay Area with more than two decades of experience in corporate law and civil litigation. When came time to get immigration papers filed for my wife who was resident of India at the time, I chose Raja among all many other immigration lawyers I know personally. It turned out...
  • Nanik A.

    Mr Madan Ahulwalia,• Has provided great service to me .• He has been on top of things .• He was very professional –and knows his work really well in depth.• He is trustworthy and I have rec om ended him to some of my other friends as I have been happy with his work.
  • Vajid J.

    Madan handled a complex case for us,and delivered results on time, and within the budget that we had agreed to.
  • Ines K.

    Madan has provided our company with timely legal advice on immigration related matters. He is refreshingly candid and has the ability to present facts & guidance in a clear concise fashion. I gladly recommend him.
  • Prasad G.

    I have known Madan (Raja) Ahluwalia for over five years now. He has been immensely well-informed and helpful in various legal and related matters. Rather than beating around the bush, he believes in “telling it like it is”, a refreshing quality. I have always felt he and his team have my best int...
  • Kurt G.

    I hired Madan Ahluwalia and he provided by far the best service – not only that he would go out of his way to give me great guidance and come up with creative ideas to tackle my difficult legal problems. I would recommend him in a heart-beat. Second to none, Madan Ahluwalia is one of the best in ...
  • Atul Sharma, President & CEO.

    Madan(Raja) is a great attorney and he has worked with our Company Global Info tech Corporation for many years. He is very efficient,reliable,and produces great results. He is easy to work with and responds in timely manner. We have been very happy to work with him. He has been cost effective for...
  • Prithvi K.

    I have known Madan for over eight years now and he has provided professional and competent service to my company when we needed it.
  • Pavana J.

    Madan helped us with our living trust setup and was very thorough in his job. He is punctual and offers services with a smile. He got our job done within 2 hours and the fees were very reasonable. He is always available and highly dependable.
  • Rohit G. Recommends Madan Ahluwalia

    Raja is extremely knowledgeable in matters relating to immigration law and provides guidance more as a friend than just somebody completing a business transaction. I have turned to him time again for immigration matters.

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