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Child Support

Let Us Help Protect Your Finances AND Your Children

Divorce is never easy, and when there are children involved it can seem almost impossible. For many people, issues related to child support end up being among the most difficult to overcome. There are often differing opinions on how much child support should be, and when it should be paid, and oftentimes a supporting parent may be late or flat out refuse to make payments. Have you heard any of the following comments related to child support?

  • Let's just work it out between ourselves without the courts
  • Why would I pay child support when I can't see my child as much as I would like
  • I'm not paying child support when I didn't even want the divorce
  • Do I have to pay child support if I buy everything for my child
  • You need to give me some cash in addition to the child support for a specific expense
  • The child support isn't enough this month, I need more money
  • Or any number of other issues related to child support

While it can be tempting to try to work things out on your own, it is almost never a good idea to try to work out such issues without dedicated and thoroughly experienced legal guidance. Having a clear and concise child support order from the courts helps to avoid most types of conflict. And please keep in mind, child support calculations are not a subjective process, and are in fact determined in California by using software known as “Dissomaster.” We will help you fully understand what goes into this calculation as well as your obligations regarding child support.

Let us work with you to come up with a fair and just support order that will work for both parties, and most importantly the children. To begin the process of getting a child support order that is appropriate for your situation, please contact us today.

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