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Any and all types of legal challenges have the potential to be terrifying. Most people don't know where to turn to get the help they need, which can cause them to ‘freeze up' or panic. Unfortunately, inaction is never a good option when facing any type of legal problems. You need to get the legal assistance you require as quickly as possible. To get started, please give us a call at 408-416-3149, or take a moment to complete the form below to contact our office. We will review each submission and get back with you within one business day.

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As a well-established attorney, Madan understands the importance of having a good attorney-client relationship. With this in mind, he offers new clients to the firm a complimentary consultation to see if there is a good fit between the firm and the client. Madan is focused on helping clients who are looking to use alternative dispute resolution techniques rather than jumping right to litigation as a first resort. Getting to know each client before taking them on is a great way to avoid conflict and problems down the road.

For those who are already in the middle of an ongoing litigation case, there is no free consultation available. Madan will be happy to meet with them to discuss their case and see if he would be a good fit to take it over. His hourly rate is based on facts and complexity of the case, and the base rate is $400/hour. 

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