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Post-Judgment Modification

Ensure Support Orders Are Always Up to Date and In Line with Your Current Financial Needs and Circumstances

Are the court orders issued during your divorce—particularly child support and spousal support—no longer meeting the needs of you and your family? While orders that are created during a divorce are typically good at the time, situations change, so it is important to ensure that all the orders remain in line with the current needs of everyone involved. Post-judgement modification can be scary, but it is often necessary in situation such as:

  • Relocation – If one party is moving homes, moving to a new state, or even moving to a different country, it will likely be necessary to rework the child custody and visitation order.
  • Remarriage – If you or your ex is getting remarried, lots of things in your lives will be impacted. When this happens it can be appropriate to make adjustments to child support, spousal support, and other aspects of the divorce agreements.
  • Job Changes – If you or your ex changes jobs it may necessitate an adjustment in the visitation or custody, and may also require a change in the amount of child support or spousal support that is being paid.
  • Age of Child – Custody arrangements and child support needs can change dramatically as the kids grow up. Making changes every few years can help ensure your children are always getting everything they need.
  • Other – There are, of course, many personal issues and circumstances that can change in your life that may require an adjustment to an existing judgement. Keeping up on these changes as they come along can help to avoid conflict down the road.

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While post-judgement modifications can cause conflict, that does not have to be the case. When these types of changes are handled properly, and with the help of an experienced moderator or arbitrator, it can actually be a positive experience for everyone involved. Attorney Madan Ahluwalia has years of experience helping clients to get through these situations, and he can also assist you in implementing mediation in order to achieve a mutually beneficial modification. Contact us today to get started.

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